Who is banyan?

Welcome, friend!

We're a global online hub focused on mindfulness and growing awareness. Our community helps thousands of people discover inner freedom and love, through proven practices from ancient wisdom traditions adapted to the modern world. Think Buddhist meditation meets modern-day science of well-being. We inspire each other to explore our deepest insights and make meaningful changes in ourselves and the world.

We dream of a world where everyone connects deeply with themselves, others, and our planet. A world where unity overcomes division, acceptance replaces judgement, and everyone's uniqueness is celebrated. We're here to bring balance during times of change, as our world embraces new technologies, systems, and ways of living.

Thrive with us

Create real connections with other people: We all need meaningful relationships for us to thrive. That’s what you’ll experience here. Loneliness, isolation, and navigating life by ourselves isn’t working for anyone. Human connection and belonging is the answer.

Transform your life with proven practices: If all the self-help, meditation, and healing work isn't improving your everyday life, what's the point? That's why we bring the practice to the real stuff of life.

Be real, together: Show up as you are, with the rest of us. We’re honest about our experiences. We are compassionate with ourselves and others while listening, practicing, and supporting each other.

Founded with heart

We were co-founded by Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield, two renowned mindfulness and meditation teachers, and Willem Bult and Ranah Edelin, conscious entrepreneurs.

Our international faculty is trained to facilitate and mentor meaningful experiences of connection, self-inquiry, and meditation. This support allows you to bring more awareness and insight to what you’re going through or want to evolve.

Meet the team

Leticia Martins

Product Designer

Sharon Shelton

Teaching Council Member

Emily Goode

Community Manager

Ranah Edelin


Zeynep Esin

Head of Product

Margaret Easter

Support Manager

Roxana Bouwer

Communications Lead

Jodi Supanich

Program Content Specialist

Tara Brach


Rahul Sekhar

Lead Software Engineer

Muge Bakht

Programming Manager

Willem Bult

Co-founder & CEO

Lisa Pedscalny

Head of Community and Partnerships

Jack Kornfield


Anne Cushman

Teaching Council Member

Daniel Nussbaummueller

Software Engineer