What our members say about us

Mindful Friends Groups

Thanks to Banyan, my world feels bigger and more open. I think l am becoming more compassionate towards myself and others. The sessions open my mind to other people's thoughts and experiences.

Jocelyn Winterton
Stress & Anxiety Group

Having a group of people who hold you in compassion and lift you up is one of the greatest benefits of Banyan. I love logging into my Immersion group or Friends group and seeing all of the smiling faces looking back at me and knowing I am loved by people whom I have never met in real life.

John Sellars
Parenting and Relationship Group

Just like me we all suffer and feeling not only am I not alone I'm not separate either. Banyan gives me a Safe place to be with like-minded friends.

Frances Colette Ure
British Columbia, Canada
Aging Group

Feeling of connectedness and being held despite everything being over the internet. A home of sorts, something to ground me while I sort out where I will be physically living in the next few weeks.

Charles Cassidy
Missoula, Montana USA
Relationship Group

I most appreciated being in community with others who are experiencing grief.  I would also like to say how much I appreciate my facilitator’s gentle, compassionate energy.  She's been wonderful. I feel much less alone with my sorrow.

Miranda Johnson-Haddad
Grief Group

It was very kind and friendly and easy to talk to people. It encourages me to keep looking for similar minded people in real life.

Miho Morrison
Bethesda, MD USA
Everyday Mindfulness Group

I deeply appreciate the time and care my facilitator devotes to creating an environment that allows for honest and compassionate sharing.I have found a safe place to share my feelings of sadness and loss with others who are experiencing similar feelings. I am learning to use the practice to allow my heart and mind to be with what is. The opportunity to be a witness and support people with compassion is invaluable to me.

Joyce Fournier
Grief Group

I most appreciate in depth discussion about one topic from different sides, deepening connection to members in pod’s. By joining MFGs, I’m feeling more connected through shared experiences, feeling more equipped to handle difficult emotions, feeling more grounded through a sense of reliability since the groups are scheduled weekly at the same time.

Anja Knorr
Eisenberg Thüringen / Germany
Relationship, Stress & Anxiety, Everyday Mindfulness Group

My facilitator is an excellent.  I felt welcome, appreciated, seen, heard and honoured.  I felt right at home in my very first gathering.  It was a gift. Through Banyan, I have gained a community of like-minded people experiencing very similar stress I’m living with on a day-to-day basis.

Jayne Bell
Georgetown, Ontario Canada
Stress & Anxiety Group

Connect with like-minded people and get support

Without doubt, Banyan has restored faith in others and myself. It has been one of the best things that’s ever happened to me in my life. It’s right up there with the birth of my children. The birth of myself has come through Banyan - the full acceptance of my authentic self is under way.

Suzanne Power
Dublin, Ireland

I look forward to our deep, caring, exploratory talks every week. We weave together daily life struggles with Buddhist wisdom and therapeutic insights, and we share resources that I use with enthusiasm. Our teacher is a natural and skillful teacher, and our group has developed quite a lovely friendship of trust and sharing that I don’t have elsewhere in my life. My Banyan is one of my favorite things. I’m also grateful for the Banyan platform for the discussions and meditations and silent sits when I can make them. It feels like having a wise and loving best friend when I need one. I love Bayan 💖

Kari Winfield
Vancouver, CA

Banyan gives me a sense of not being alone, finding like minded souls, being guided by talented teachers.

Hanno Eigenbrod
Nadd Hessa, UAE

Banyan has been of immense support. Knowing that others give of their time to be there for me, and knowing that I can lend my time to be there for others fills me with gratitude.

Kwama Mokoa
Johannesburg, South Africa

Banyan is a solid base for my practice and life. I wanted to practice by myself. Why not I thought. Now I realize that others bring me so much in the practice.

Liliane Sticher
Madrid, Spain

I feel more calm, grounded… a kind of relief - through feeling connected and accepted. Just being together, everyone in an authentic and real way.

Anja Knorr
Berlin, Germany

I love my community. They are warm and supportive, especially when I feel most vulnerable. I have shared things with them in this space that I otherwise would not share with others.

Aishwarya Rajesh

Banyan has been a great support system now that I am going through some life challenges. I apréciate the opportunity to share some very personal issues and get support and guidance from the group.

Ana Maria
Eugene, Oregon, US

The space to share with other like-minded people has been so valuable. The shared meditations and techniques that others are finding valuable is also incredibly beneficial. The recognition that we are all on our own path, and that we can support one another without putting our own lens on each other.

Chanda Turner
Edmonton, Canada

Camaraderie. I don't have anyone else in my world that I interact with on a regular basis that practices so I really appreciate getting to know other like minded people. Hearing how they incorporate mindfulness into their daily life is inspiring. I look forward to meeting each week.

Cameron Stanford

Accountability, structure, consistency

It’s been a wonderful resource for me to know that on any given day, there will be sessions available where I can connect with others, and we can support each other in our practice.

Robert Gramenz

Banyan has given me an opportunity during my work day to pause, breathe, bringing me back to the practice when I’m all wrapped up in my work day.

Gail Jackson
Alaska, USA

Banyan helped me sustain my practice by remaining motivated to meditate daily. Increased my self-awareness. The group practices are a gift, a precious moment that has become necessary to my life.

Sophie van den Brand
Geneva, Switzerland

Banyan helps me maintain a routine.

Sean Harding

Banyan has provided a refuge for me, an anchor when the world and my life feel like dangerous, choppy waters. Knowing that I have my group each week keeps me disciplined to maintain my daily practice. And the live sessions are wonderful too and I take advantage of them as mini oases during the week.

Steve Goldberg

Banyan has been a solid pillar for me that I am reminded of weekly.

Cara Seely

Banyan had a direct impact on my meditation practice. I committed to it daily and therefore impacted my whole life experience.

Nicole Boege

The meditations remind me that there is a community I can count on, it helps remain accountable to my overall goals and values, and also reinforces what my values are.

Aishwarya Rajesh

Banyan has allowed me to create a consistency in my practice.

Andrea Roman Alfaro
Lima, Peru

It has changed my life to have a community that pushes me spiritually. I love knowing that we will see each other every week because they all serve as reminders to me.


Learn and integrate mindfulness into daily life

Banyan has been my kindergarden of learning about meditation and mindfulness, and I’m amazed at the foundation I’ve developed in the short 9 months. Each and every one of you has helped me to change my life in major ways. You’ve helped me find my true self and my inner voice, and give her a voice. This has been a lifelong search for me. And you’ve offered such knowledge, support, understanding and acceptance, which I’ve not been able to find anywhere else. I’ll always be eternally grateful for all that you offer me in each and every session.

Stacy Warnock

Through our sessions with my teacher, I’ve started to have a deeper understanding and basis of my daily practice. I most appreciate my teacher’s knowledge and experience.

Sanja Modric
Zagreb, Croatia

I feel that my practice gets new dimensions every time we practice together and share.

Bindalli Erkorol
Istanbul, Turkey

Banyan has provided well trained practitioners with the spiritual discipline to guide us amazingly. The leadership is outstanding, for both the conversations and the meditations.

Mark Granfors-Hunt
Greenbelt, MD

I have deepened my practice and understanding of mindfulness practice. I like having a facilitator who I love to learn from and being in a learning community.

Philip McKnight
Baltimore, MD

Practice is becoming more integrated into my whole life.

Sydney, Australia

I am practicing RAIN regularly, attending the groups outside of my mentorship group, and am much more aware when I am being triggered. It has been a life saver for me.

Lisa Little

Banyan helped me go deeper in practice and helping me develop as a meditation teacher.

Keith Mutch
Oregon, USA

Banyan has created a mindfulness filter that qualifies how I interact with others daily, and improves my listening skills. I get great support and a plethora of options I had not thought of.

Edward Knab

We are open and vulnerable. We stay focused on elements of practice learning from each other. Our mentor offers a tremendous level of experience and expertise to meets all of my needs as a practitioner.

Nevada, USA

Feel safe and understood in affinity sessions

Sharing with women from around the world has been inspiring and spiritual.


Knowing that I have a group of like-minded women to connect with is a big source of comfort and validation for me.

Rosanne Cassidy

My weekly BIPOC group of women has given me a safe place to discuss difficult subjects in a mindful and compassionate space. We feel safe enough to be vulnerable and honest with whats going on with us. It has been a wonderful refuge I look forward to every week. I feel supported in my practice like never before.

Gabriella Delacorte

Banyan has given me the opportunity to have a sangha despite living abroad. I most appreciate that we are BIPOC and can so relate to each other.

Sarah Glesmann
Tokyo, Japan